Screenwriting Courses
The Scriptology Way

Screenwriting courses typically 

start with lots of screenwriting theory from a lecturer at the front of the room(particularlythe 3 act structure which has been elevated from tool to gospel). After which you are expected to be able to go away and write.


Indeed this is how I used to teachuntil I realised that this was the wrong way around. Without the experience and practice of screenwriting, an assault of unfamiliar information upfront is abstract, meaningless, and rather empty.


Screenwriting is a craft and the best way to develop skill in a craft is to practice it, you need to be allowed to explore, play and experiment with hands-on exercises.


Scriptology is about learning through doing, and in the process of doing we will unpack and discuss screenwriting theory at the point when it is most meaningful and useful, that is to say as and when you need it to help you further develop your screenplay and your ability. 

This approach helps bridge the gap between notional understanding and something altogether more substantial. 

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