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5 Reasons to Join Scriptology Brighton's First Screenwriting Course.

Film Writing Fundamentals is running every Thursday at the University of Brighton for 12 weeks starting on the 3rd October, here's 5 good reasons to join.

1. A course run by a practicing screenwriter.

I am fortunate enough to be in funded development on two feature film scripts currently. Goats & Sheep is a historical drama set in 1920's Cyprus and is inspired by the true story of a priest who was beheaded for secretly converting Muslims to Christianity , and White Hope is the untold true story of the first British black cycling champion Maurice Burton. I'm bringing my professional practice to the classroom. 2. Bigger is better!

A 2 hour evening session every week for 12 weeks makes this course twice as long as our nearest competition. This gives you the time and space to explore, experiment and play. There's no substitute for the practical experience that comes with doing rather than just listening to lectures or reading books. 3. A public rehearsed reading of your first screenplay!

In the last week of the course. You get to hear your script read live by professional actors in a theatre in front of an audience. This is invaluable, you'll learn so much from the audience response. This is also a celebration of screenwriting. Invite friends & family! 4. Script Notes.

Great script notes from my script editor have literally compelled me to write the next draft of my script. So for up to a month after the course has ended, I'm happy to write a further set of script notes to help you to continue to develop your craft and your script. 5. Scriptology Brighton is so much than a single course.

I'm building an ecosystem for screenwriting, a community... a support network including free monthly meet-ups, guest speakers, networking for screenwriting and follow on courses.

This is unparalleled! Join us!

Thanks for reading,

Alkin Emirali

Your friendly neighbourhood scriptologist.



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